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We just moved a few doors down to
Store #131
(right next to Publix)
in the Center of Bonita Springs.
Corner of Route 41 & Bonita Beach Rd

We welcome you to stop by and see our huge new fully humidified cigar shop!


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3300 Bonita Beach Road 
Suite 131
Bonita Springs, Florida

Store Hours:
9 am to 6 pm E.S.T.
Monday thru Saturday

Internet Ordering
24 hours a day
7 days a week

Please note:
do not sell tobacco 
or tobacco related
products to anyone under the age of 21 .We do not sell
Please do not enter our site if you are under 21

Heavenly Flavored Cigars

Heavenly Cigars have been out of stock for an extended length of time. We will
put them back up when they are available.

Be sure to see our other famous flavor cigars!
Cojimar Cigars
, Tatiana Cigars

In the meantime? Our own exclusive private blend has been custom blended, has the sought after sugar dipped tip
and our customers love them! Here's some info on them.
Bonita Custom Vanilla Cigars 

Now! NEW! flavors to fuel our Passion for fabulous flavored cigars! Choose from:
Cognac, Rum, Amaretto, Grape, Mango, Chocolate, Cherry, Honey and more!

Bonita Custom Vanilla Cigars  Bonita Custom Blend Bundled Cigars

Our exclusive high quality Vanilla blend has been expertly blended by a Master Blender to provide you with the ultimate in flavor and smoking pleasure! A truly refined quality premium Vanilla cigar at a lower price point!
Value and Quality.- A "Tasteful" Combination! Try them now!

Introducing our exclusive private label 
Bonita  Smoke Shop Vanilla Flavored Cigars

Introducing very special vanilla flavored cigars created exclusively for us at a small boutique factory in the Dominican. Our delicious flavored cigars, are made with all long leaf filler, and feature a sugar tip (Cuban style) to enhance your smoking experience. Vanilla flavored cigars are our number one selling flavored cigar in the shop.

Ahhh....fabulous Bonita Vanilla cigars! The scent and taste of a mellow and tantalizing Bonita's exclusive vanilla flavored cigars is beyond description! One puff of these delicious vanilla flavored cigars and no doubt you'll be in enchanted dreams of candy cotton, delicious vanilla ice cream cones, delectable melting marshmallows ..... crème caramel, even thick frosty milkshakes! No wonder delightful vanilla flavored cigars are one of our most popular flavors! Bonita Smoke Shop adds even more pleasure to their vanilla cigars by tipping them gently, in the Cuban fashion, creating a sugar tip! Perfect with a cup of coffee or Crème de Cacao. Vanilla was used by the Aztecs for flavoring their royal drink xocolatl - a mixture of cocoa beans, vanilla and honey. Cortez brought these exotic vanilla back to Europe in the sixteenth century, after seeing Montezuma enjoying the cocoa concoction. You'll love our low prices on these Vanilla flavored Estate blended cigars!

These cigars get rave reviews from our customers and are
now available to our valued online shoppers!


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