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Panter Cigars

Panter Little Cigars  Dannemann Cigars  Davidoff Mini Cigarillos
Cafe Creme Cigars By Wintermans

Panter Cigars are the proof that cigars can be so much more than just a pleasant accompaniment to moments of relaxation. The dynamic Panter Cigars can be smoked any time and anywhere. The latest addition, Panter Cigars Mignon de Luxe Sweet, has a soft and sweet flavor. A cigar which certainly surprises and is destined to attract its own discerning group of smokers. It is soft, sweet and aromatic and is great for in-between times. This is typically a trail which the ever-restless Panter cigars dares to blaze.

Panter Cigars Brands
To view Panter cigar photos and descriptions please click here

 Panter cigars are among the best selling and most popular cigars on every continent throughout the world. Panter cigars specializes in smaller sized, reasonably priced, top quality cigars ideally suited to all the in-between smoking moments.

Highly appreciated by the modern, self-confident cigar smoker.
Due to State Regulations Not Available in CA or CT

Agio Mehari's Original

Mehari's Original has a unique character thanks largely to the authentic taste and special aroma of its lively Java Wrapper.

Tin 20 Cigars
Sleeve 200 Cigars

Agio Mehari's Ecuador

Mehari's Ecuador feature a shade-grown Ecuador wrapper whose aroma and smooth taste are complemented perfectly by its filler.

Tin 20 Cigars
Sleeve 200 Cigars

Agio Mehari's Orient

Mehari's Orient is the cigar for those who favor aromas in taste and fragrance when smoking.

Tin 20 Cigars
Sleeve 200 Cigars

Agio Mehari's Brasil

The special aroma and nutty taste of Mehari's Brasil is due largely to its original Arapiraca wrapper.

Tin 20 Cigars
Sleeve 200 Cigars

Panter Arome

Panter Arome is a unique combination of fragrance and mild taste that harmonize perfectly.
Tin/20 Cigars
Sleeve/200 Cigars

Panter Sprint

Panter Sprint is perfect for those aficionados looking for the full flavor in a shorter smoking experience.
Tin/20 Cigars
Sleeve/200 Cigars

Panter Blue

Panter Blue suits the individual smoker who wished to enjoy the refined Connecticut Shade taste in his own way.
Tin/20 Cigars
Sleeve/200 Cigars

Panter Mignon

An excellent cigar for a longer smoking experience thanks to its thickness and length.
Tin/10 Cigars
Sleeve/100 Cigars

Panter Mignon Sweet Filter

This cigarillo is distinctive not only for its sweet aroma, but also for its filter. The filter softens the taste while the aroma sweetens the taste.
Discontinued Discontinued

Panter Mignon Sweet Non-Filter

The optimum quality and delicious sweet aroma from an irresistible combination.
Tin/20 Cigars
Sleeve/200 Cigars

Panter Mignon de Luxe

This fine little cigar lends itself for every smoking moment imaginable.
Tin/20 Cigars
Sleeve/200 Cigars

Panter Small

Panter Small was one of the first members of the Panter family and over the years is has acquired a great reputation.
Tin/20 Cigars
Sleeve/200 Cigars

Panter Silhouette

Only the best Sumatran tobacco leaves are selected for the wrapper, giving the Panter Silhouette a powerful, full-bodied flavor.
Tin/20 Cigars
Sleeve/200 Cigars

Panter Tango

Tango adds its own fragrant contribution to the illustrious Panter legend. When opening the tin you will see 20 cigars made from pure Java tobacco, in perfect formation.
Tin/20 Cigars
Sleeve/200 Cigars

Panter Dessert

Wrapped in a delicate Ecuadorian wrapper and enriched with a refined coffee aroma, the Panter Dessert will please not only yourself but others as well.
Tin/20 Cigars
Sleeve/200 Cigars
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Diamond Crown
"Precision Hygrometer"

For all humidors.
Monitor your cigar humidor with an easy to read LCD digital hygrometer.
State-of-the-Art Digital Technology

  • Easy To Read Large LCD Read Out Hygrometer

  • Stylish Low Profile Design

  • Long Battery Life Up to 4 years

  • Accuracy Guaranteed
      only $34.95 (regular $39.95)


Daniel Marshall Cigar Humidors
One of the finest cigar humidors made.

Diamond Crown Cigar Humidors
Traditional Styling made by
Reed & Barton

newred1.gif (731 bytes)Craftsman's Bench Cigar Humidors
Value priced with great look!

Humidor Specials!
from only $29.95!

On Sale!
Humidification System

This humification system is unique.
 It features a special wick. The well designed reservoir system is created to add water as needed to the wicks. Add those needed items to louvers on both sides of the unit which you may adjust according to your preference you now have one of the finest cigar humidifications system!.

Never needs "special solutions" mixture. Works simply on distilled water. No mixing, dripping and mess any longer!

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